Deborah Vywers

  • Category : Manufacture|Retail
  • Subcategories : Garment Technology/ Head of Technical/ Expert Pattern maker/ Grader
  • Specialities : Underwear/ swimwear/ Mens T-shirts, shirts/ Ladies tops, blouses
  • City : Cape Town
  • Years Experience : 19yrs
  • Availability : 3month notice period
  • Education : Clothing Production Certificate/ Pattern and Garment Technology Certificate.
  • Technologies : Bonded bra's Silicone flocking, Printing, cutting, Ladies outer and underwear, Mens outer and underwear, Moulded styles. Cut and sew padded bra's
Practical, hands on, professional Head of Technical. Currently working for MAS Holdings Slimline Division. Not afraid of challenges or changes, and approach all opportunities and challenges with enthusiasm. Self-motivated and great performer under pressure, combined with flexible approach. My major strengths are pattern making, grading garment engineering, and design. I have 12 years of fitting experience and has become some sort of a perfectionist when it comes to fitting of garments especially underwear and swimwear. .I have a good eye for detail and that is give me an advantage when it comes to the quality side of things. Expert in molded underwear/swimwear. Very good people skill and leadership skill. Good communication and make sure the massage is relieved 110% Interpersonal skill and excellent attention to detail. With participative leadership style encourages all team members to contribute to the overall success of the business. Good technical back ground in ladies underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, ladies outerwear, men’s outerwear.
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