Cedric Henry Philander

  • Category : Manufacture
  • Subcategories : Retail
  • Specialities : Quality/Production Management
  • City : Cape Town
  • Years Experience : over 20 years
  • Availability : Seeking employment
  • Education : Diploma in Production Management
  • Technologies : Garment Construction
Cedric H. Philander Cell +27713875794 Email cedricp04@gmail.com 4 Carinus Street Labiance Est 7530 Bellville Cape Town South Africa RE: Application for Position as Production Manager, attached please find an abbreviated C.V. for your perusal and approval. I have a solid history of producing results within a limited budget. I have build and successfully managed a diverse staff of 330 and dealt effectively with staff, executives and customers on a regular basis. All of these achievements are critical to firms such as yours that most compete in today's difficult economy. I’m keen on learning and would definitely add value to your establishment. I’m a very hands-on, ambitious, diligent, and conscientious and a disciplined person whom can work under any kind of pressure, I am motivator and like to enhance people’s skills. An interview would give me the opportunity to further prove my unique strengths. Hope to hear from you shortly. Copies of certificates, diploma and references are available on request. Kind regards Cedric Philander.
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