• Category : Manufacture|Retail
  • City : DURBAN
  • Years Experience : 4 years
  • Availability : 1 MONTH
  • Technologies : Extremely computer literate, full understanding of the LECTRA pattern engineering system.
Core responsible and capabilities : Assess garments Conducting an in depth analysis over the various types of garments whilst on the mannequin (dummy) to identify excess fabric, draglines, cutting of the crotch & under arm, pattern balance, shading, thread, stitching detail and other related factors. As it is our duty to identify fit, quality and construction issues and also rectifying them to satisfy our potential customer. Quality Assurance Developing in collaboration the Merchandisers and Buyers the Quality Assurance standards for the product; garment specification, measurements, and grading standards. Implementing and maintaining these standards throughout the completed production process. Communication Communicating directly with the merchandise manager, team of co-ordinators, buyers and external technologists on a very professional level, during fit sessions, amendments or a gesture of good courtesy. Successful communication is vital to any business. Manufacturing mass production • Ensure the Manufacturing Package is suitable for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing package consists of the following: Seal sample, Fit appraisal sheet with comments from suppliers and merchandisers , Approved graded size specification with detailed fit comments and With detailed pictures if necessary. • Personally assisting the production floor in terms of pattern, fusing, quality issues, trims or packaging issues…quickly and efficiently to ensure that output targets are accomplished. Technical Knowledge: • I support patterns and construction methods that will promote Production output and in order to achieve this, our patterns have got to be machine friendly to ensure a smooth flow throughout the production floor and at the same time eliminating bottle necks, these are some of the smallest changes that contribute immensely to the success of our business, keep in mind that the required Quality standards must be maintained throughout. Organized and Attention to Detail Following detailed procedures and ensures accuracy in documentation and data; carefully monitors processes and information; concentrates on routine and procedures. Attention to the display and cleanliness of the work environment as well as the display of the products. I work in sequence corresponding to customer delivery, together with a file allocated to each customer, as this reduce room for error. Cooperation/Teamwork We all must work harmoniously with others to get a job done; responds positively to instructions and procedures; able to work well with staff, co-workers, peers and managers. Shares critical information with everyone involved. I have developed incredible time management skills, a very professional and organised system of working, attention to detail, and also a professional personal appearance as well as a helping hand and respect throughout the entire business. Innovative Here at celrose I did display the proven ability to reconstruct and develop (preferably in the fit stage) garments in a method that favours our mass production and especially company profits but most importantly still satisfying our customers throughout the process. QUALITY : ‘’in my opinion’’ – quality must be understood as the kind of responsibility that involves each and every employer/ employee, even external contractors (cleaners). Quality could also be described as a critical area which determine the success or failure of our business and keep in mind the satisfaction of our target customer as well as our target audience…whom we strongly depend on in terms of unwritten exposure, promotion and support which contributes directly to an increase in our market share. Leadership • I conduct weekly analysis relating to the performance of the department concerning: fit, QA seals, orders released into production and production amendments. This is then directed to the CEO, allowing us to pin point the weaker areas and assist. • I have taken this task upon myself to train new employees as well as students and ensure they are equipped with the technical and analytical skills required to get the job done according to the customer expectations. • Using the MS Office package I have created a dynamic but easy to use (1) computerised specification sheet (2) The analysis spread sheet mentioned in the first point. (I could forward attachments, if you require them). This will take your business to another level. • I attend meeting hosted by the ‘’KZN CLOTHING CLUSTER’’ , I listen and then question when it concerns my team and I, we suggest ideas and negotiate best possible solutions. I provide feedback to the team, we implement the ideas, maintain them, there after evaluate. I currently service customers whom require the highest levels of Quality & Fit : TRUWORTHS MAN, MARKHAM, DANIEL HECHTER, EXACT, SIGNATURE, D66, QUEENS PARK, WOOLWORTHS, UZZI AND GUESS.
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