Gina Labriani

  • Category : Design
  • Subcategories : Rave Outfits. Sweet 16 funky outfit. Swimwear. Sweamwear accessories
  • Specialities : Rave outfits. Swimwear. Swimwear accessories.
  • City : Johannesburg.
  • Years Experience : 10 years of experience in swimwear design
  • Availability : Business owner
  • Education : Diploma in Fashion Design. International Academy of Design and Technology
Gina Labriani Swimwear is all about custom designed swimwear for you. This provides you with the opportunity to have a great designer create something that has never been seen before exclusively for you that is also custom fitted. Never worry again about how something fits or if you will meet your clone at your next get together. And if this is your special day, relax and know you’re wearing exactly what you want and nobody else has it or even can get it!
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