Kühn Elsabé

  • Category : Design|Manufacture|Media|Photography|Retail|Styling
  • Specialities : Fashion Designing, styling
  • City : Cape Town
  • Years Experience : ELLE Magazine, Kluk CGDT, Gerda Genis, Woolworths, ELLE magazine, Sarie Magazine, Georgie.B
  • Education : • HIGH SCHOOL: Herschel Girls High School - Year of Matriculation: 2005 Subjects Passed – English First Language, Afrikaans First Language, Mathematics SG, Biology HG, Home Economics HG, Art. • TERTIARY TRAINING: Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design - Year completed: 2009 Commercial Photography at Stellenbosch Academy
  • Technologies : Adobe Suit.
Being in the fashion industry will I not only live my dream, but I will be apart of the cutting edge, to define trends, to live fashion. Fashion needs to be adapted, constantly changing. You need to understand where it comes from. Various styles and eras influence today's trends and how it defines the future. I have original ideas and my work is different. I love being involved in the process of designing, buying, trends and fashion photography. I'd like to put in more than asked for and think about the bigger picture, and then the end result is so much better. I want to have an impact in society and be challenged to keep at the forefront of the South African Fashion Industry.
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