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Nov 17


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 I draw inspiration from just about anywhere...

This weeks' outfit inspiration is from Val Stokes played by Stacy Dash from the Single Ladies Series that until this day I just cannot get enough of. This is to just share with you (my fashion and style beloveds) that personally, I draw inspiration from anywhere.

My suggestion, wear this anywhere, except at the office of course for the obvious reason of the shorts being...short.

Tip: Do keep the shirt, blazer and sling bag while you carry your bigger (laptop bag) as well. Just pair these items with a pencil skirt of any color of your choice really (It's called color experimentation. It's what I love about fashion and style). 

Xtra-Xtra: This outfit works well if you have a planned outing after work in which case you can then just take off the pencil skirt and put on the shorts get the blazer off as well and put on a nice neck piece to bring bring the outfit out of 'office' to 'play'. 

Until next time on the 'This Week's Outfit Inspiration' segment...


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