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Nov 23


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The Menswear Edition


Suit Up...From normal neutral colors to colorful and dashiki even!


Suits are an investment and truly if a guy can rock a suit he can most definitely rock any other form of wear.    


Paul Smith 

For ages a suit has always been the definer of a man when it comes to identification of either class in terms of social standing or identity as in self-expression or even pure showcase of clothing forwardness what we now call being fashion forward or savvy. The difference between then and now is that in those times a suit was more than a suit because it was about the richness of the material, the craftsmanship and the layering of all the elements that made up a suit. It was less about the color and more about the attitude because the common suit colors at that time were browns and black. 





Suits have now graduated from those sort of darker and masculine colors that defined this era to now, where the experimentation with color has modernized the suit and given it a whole new cool. Color and tailoring have become the essential elements that bring a suit to life (and of course the attitude of the man inside the suit). Nothing makes me hide my face then seeing a guy (no matter how handsome he is) wearing a suit that is not tailored and hangs. At this point, no perfect color combination can help you.

So, I went peeping through a few brands that epitomize how suiting-up is done now. On general observation menswear is generally not cheap in comparison to ladies-wear hence some guys tend to shy away from suiting up because of the price tag and those who do afford, you would find that tailoring has been compromised. So, how can you (guy) get it all right? 

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Ohema Ohene


                                                                                   The men's jacket to look out for in 2017

Xtra-Xtra: Shoes play a very important role when putting together a suit. From color to shape, shoes can greatly affect how your whole look will transpire. On the next menswear edition we talking men’s shoes and also seeing which how they can be worn across (interchangeably) through different style codes.

And, when we (ladies) say shoes for a man are everything!? We mean they are everything. The shoes you are wearing can not only kill or make your whole suit game but they also say something about you. You can suit up all you can and look like you just dropped out of Mars (or GQ) but if your shoe game is not game then your whole outfit is not….well, game.












Happy Shopping!!!



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