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Dec 04

Facebook implements Prisma type filters in your videos Tue, 08/11/2

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We've said. Since Prisma appeared, bots and other applications for instant messaging services with similar characteristics, alternatives that may not become as popular as the original application emerged. The neural network for styling trend turned and, to date, still talking about how it has evolved.

Apply styles to photos to transform them into works of art was a novelty, which was followed by support for videos. Prisma continued to evolve to allow processing of images and videos without internet connection, one of the features most requested by users. Facebook now plans to dethrone his own alternative for videos.

The social network of Zuckerberg works in the "style transfer" feature, available on a trial basis in some countries. Basically, it's their own version of Prism for videos of Facebook, which uses a technology called video Caffe2Go to process locally, according to its official blog (via Android Authority)


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