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Aug 26

Terrarium TV app

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Fashion TV channels are increasing day by day. There are many ways in which you can watch all these TV Shows. Whenever you are out of station or unable to find the time to watch live TV Shows, Terrarium TV will definitely help you a lot.Just Terrarium TV in your android devices is all you need to celebrate your love for TV shows. You will always have the very privilege to either watch the shows your download them as per your fondness

This is usually called as movie application which offers all movies and TV Shows for free at high quality. All the movies on this application are updated regularly so that you can always find the ways to watch all latest stuff.Terrarium TV has commendable range of videos from comedy to anime, from news to romance; every desired category is listed there. And the best part is that these videos are in a quality that is good enough to mesmerize you!

Aug 17

channing tatum

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 Nature gave Channing Tatum beautiful appearance: tall, athletic build, charming appearance. But what distinguishes Channing from other krasavchikov million worldwide – it is, of wonderful personality traits : dedication, hard work, optimism, sociability and, of course, devotion to his profession. And yet Jong – very good-natured and helpful person with a big warm heart.chinning tatum biography and channing tatum movies avallable in channing tatum wiki

Aug 13

clash royale

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 Clash Royale is a Free Android game that is developed by the popular game developers Supercell. clash royale game that requires strategies, tactics, and different logics. The game combines various elements that include collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. Supercell has developed this game for the mobile users, especially for Android devices. Recently, a couple of months back, Supercell has released Clash Royale hack for iOS and Android on March 2, 2016.

Apr 15


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Make The Best Out of the Little.

"I could stare at the cracks on the wall, but we both know that is just nonsense. I live in a shack with all the two bathrooms ideas on my mind, the situation around me is just a toilet outside and a small bucket at night".

This is not a story about poverty or the ghetto. I refuse to depict a statistic in my craft. We have seen God in the worst of situations and we bought hope without asking whether it was from Somalia or Mozambique. Every child is a writer; you must listen to your soul as your conscious scriptures all your being without CTRL + Z just go ahead and CTRL + S all of it.

This blog explore styles and craft with a vital focus on the people who make it come to life in their own way. All the styles in the particular niches are seen as a canvas that has being painted with the same theme by artists who uses their bodies as the canvas and their clothes as paints to demonstrates their moods and communicate a greater deal of their evolution of fashion without and mostly with past, current and future trends.

Nov 27

We are inspired by Pattern Curator and the luxury of Silk Fabric at our Show Room (Sea Point)

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Mar 07

Lifestyle with joel

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Nov 11

Work it with Make-Up

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Don’t let overdone make-up distract colleagues and clients from your professionalism and talent at the office.

Stick to these no-fuss workplace make-up tips to keep you looking smart and presentable every day for career success.

Jun 30

"Fashion is a Product, it says I'm Beautiful, Buy Me" - David Tlale

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Being on Schedule to participate as Your own Brand in #NYFashionWeek, is like Winning a GOLD Medal at the Olympics, especially as it is the gateway to the fashion worlds biggest market.  Just under 2 years ago our very own #KingOfFashion - David Tlale - did just that!  Now if it was anybody else, they would have played it safe, but it wasn't anybody else - it was David Tlale.  So what did he do, he dispensed with Styling the Models Hair and instead went for Head Pieces, Clean faces and Bold Lips, and it worked - the reviews were Stunning.


Jun 30

Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs showcasing in FranklyWild FashionShow!

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We were very privileged to be introduced to the Fashion entrepreneur, trends guru and media personality Craig Jacobs just a few weeks ago, when the organiser of The East Rand Wedding Show turned to us and said - "do you think you can fit him in?".  Fit him in...fall over ourselves to fit him in is more like the expression we have in mind.  Have a look at the Shoot on Youtube....


I had better paint a picture for you before we all get lost in this Blog.  We are producing the Fashion Show at the inaugural Wedding showcase to be held at Emperors Palace this winter - 12/13 July 2014 to be precise.  The event promises to set a new bench mark in the industry as it is the first event of its kind to be held in the East Rand of Johannesburg, but in particular because it is hosting the first ever #PowerHalfHour Fashion Show, an idea conceptualised by FranklyWild.  If you're wondering what it is, and how it all works, you'd better make sure you book yourself a ticket.  We will tell you though that it is going to be the 'FashionWeek' of Wedding Shows!

Jun 15

Inaugural FranklyWild #PowerHalfHourFashionShow

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Four weeks to the day on the 12th & 13th of July, The East Rand Wedding Show will be hosting their premier event at Emperors Palace Hotel & Casino in Gauteng. With up to 130 of the countries leading Bridal and Wedding Industry specialists participating, the Show promises to set a new bench mark for the Industry.

This event is not only special because it is the first of its kind to showcase on the East Rand of Johannesburg, but more notably because FranklyWild have been invited to host their inaugural #PowerHalfHour Fashion Show, a show they conceptualised just a few months ago, at this event by the Wedding Show organiser.

The FranklyWild Power Half Hour Fashion Shows are going to be special as they will include industry leader Pronovias Barcelona,


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