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Mar 13

The Winner of the Search for the Levi's Photographer

Angie Posted by: Angie | Comment (0)
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Levi Strauss South Africa is thrilled to announce that a winner has been chosen from the entries received for the Search for the Levi’s® Photographer. Capetonian Romi Stern’s colourful yet subdued treatment was chosen for its inspired and confident portrayal of the Levi’s® brand.

Mar 02

meet me

lindipixie Posted by: lindipixie | Comment (0)
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As my first log on the i-fashoin site I'd like to introduce myself. I am a young  creature with all intentions of dominating in fields of creative and passion driven force.

 I know many have tried and succeeded in their own stride but every individual has a diffrent swagger which will leave a trully unique mark on any territory you claim to conquer.


Mar 02

ethnic aesthetics

rethabiletsupa Posted by: rethabiletsupa | Comment (1)
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The appropriation of ethnic aesthetics is the outcome of postmodernism and postcollonialism, whereby people were given a chance to express themselves. During collonialism people lived their lives, were made to think and act according to the dictatorship of their "opressor." And in relation to this modernism had a set of rules, was structured and going against them was not acceptable. Postmodernism on the other hand brought about the exchange of cultural aesthetics and with post collonialism people began to find themselves. Those who strongly believed in modernism critisesed postmodernism calling it appauling and its art, a disgrace.

Now... As we all know, the Europeans were technologically advanced then in comparison to the Ethnic groups that were opressed, including South Africa.

What concerns me is that, even after we have come to find ourselves, the Ethnic countries still are at a disadvantage in relation to the fashion industry. And yes... Many Ethnic Haute Couture designers have come to be renown for their work and in South Africa we have some of those.

Feb 27

Plus Size Model Opinions

Tilana Posted by: Tilana | Comment (3)
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Hi everyone

 I'm interested in hearing from plus size models (that is size 12 and up).  Any experiences (good or bad)?  What do you enjoy about modelling?  Your personal views on being natural and liking it.....  Drop me a line

Feb 25

Fashion Industry Needs our support....

MODISEM Posted by: MODISEM | Comment (1)
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The SA Fashion industry is growing big by day.We need to be conscious of our local brands and that will help those brands to grow.I believe if we buy our local clothes we will be creating an industry that will later be recognised  by the world.This boils down to Hip Hop music in America,they managed to culturise the music to the youth around the world.The music doesn't really teach the youth much but it allows them to express themselves freely.It allows them to tell thier stories through the music.South African Designers have stories behind thier designs.I was impressed to watch Machere's show at the Audi Joburg Fashion Week last month in Sandton,here theme was inspired by Zion Christian Church Women's church attire.She used colours like yellow and dark green.It was a definition of story telling meets fashion and art.If our designers can maintain the art of story telling in thier designs,the industry is going to grow bigger than it is now.African Fashion International is doing a great job in promoting our designers overseas.I was also thrilled to see designers from Egypt,Mozambique showcasing at the Audi Joburg Fashion Week recently.SA Fashion industry needs our support as local to help it grow.If other countries can see that we love and embrace our fashion brands they don't have a choice but to follow.
Feb 24

Mbali-fashionista extrodinaire!

fashionistar extrodinaire Posted by: fashionistar extrodinaire | Comment (1)
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*fashion- my life - long love affair!

*style-my means of self expression!


Feb 17

Limited Availability Of Fabrics

dyeandprints Posted by: dyeandprints | Comment (0)
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Many designers have come to my studios and complained that there is such a limited choice of fabrics on the market at the moment.

With the world economic recession, most people are a little scared and so are spending conservatively. This includes the fabric wholesalers. Designers who were looking for more variety some years ago already, are really suffering now.

If this need was not there, I probably would not exist.

Feb 13

The Classics

Sholuv Posted by: Sholuv | Comment (1)
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25 things you need in your closet, certain fashion staples remain in style year after year.


Timeless classics every woman should have in her closet/wardrobe....

The basics

1. the classic trench coat 

The classic trench A basic belted one is versatile and comes in a variety of fabric and color options. To avoid looking like a secret agent: Choose a well-tailored option that hits right at (or below) the knee for a polished look.

Feb 13

Animal Prints

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Lets talk about animal prints.... sexy or not you decide, but here's my view.

I have another blog on tvsa, the responce that side was very mixed but they are adiifernt crowd all together, lets see how you guys like it.

Feb 09


Angie Posted by: Angie | Comment (2)
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 Many of you would have already seen this image circulating around the internet.


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