A series of Master Classes relating to the Clothing Industry

Blairgowrie Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2194
Master Class in Pattern Manipulation
Presentation Overview: I explore one-dimensional paper patterns and how they translate into three dimensions. Having been in the industry for over two decades and having guest lectured for various people in the industry, I love to give talks with a very practical approach to creating sustainable patterns and ranges that enable designers and CMT's to thrive, but cut through some of the naive thinking that the colleges just don't seem to address. This lesson is for anyone in the clothing business, not so that you can make a pattern, so that you can audit a pattern and find your way around some key landmarks. This is useful if you are paying patternmakers, and want to know if you have a quality pattern before you waste a whole lot of money in sampling and paying CMT’s

Master Class in Copying Samples
Presentation Overview: Having understood some of the basic rules of pattern making and put into place basic structures that underlie all patterns, I translate how this relates into practical methods for copying samples without unpicking or damaging a client's garment - learning to reverse engineer a garment; to understand what grain lines are hinting at to help make the pattern an exact copy

Master Class in Grading and Laying up for Cutting
Presentation Overview: As a manual pattern maker I have always enjoyed the process of grading, for me it is like a moving meditation. I would like to share my techniques that I have developed over the years that make grading accurate, time-saving and simple. We will cover: checking a pattern for production, stirrup grading and a grading technique that I developed called nested grading. We will cover: checking a pattern for production, stirrup grading and a grading technique that I developed called nested grading. This is a good place to cover ratings, markers, blocking patterns and bias cutting.

Master Class in Costing, Production and Cutting Orders
Presentation Overview: Taking previous lessons further. Teaching what a cutting order and costing schedule should look like, how they are related, and that, if used properly would tell if a garment is feasible to produce by understanding how many garments would need to be manufactured to reach breakeven and produce profit. Colleen will introduce costing the business owner’s time into the cost of a garment.

5th Master class in: Personality Profiling your Customers using the Feminine Archetypes
Presentation Overview: It takes 7 key universal Feminine Archetypes to unlock women and their personalities. Therefore, designing a functioning, fashionable and fabulous wardrobe taking into consideration each archetype, their body-shape and wardrobe quirks will allow your clients to be immersed into a world where every woman has the potential to look her best and feel fantastic.

6th Master class in: Fabric Identification, Where to use what fabric
Presentation Overview: Most designers are b