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Master Patterncutter and Technical Services and Support

Charni has been involved in the clothing industry for 35 years.  Originally trained as a designer, she worked as such for the first 15 years of her career, marketing and designing her own ranges, and cutting the master patterns.  Regular travel overseas to visit the Pret-a-Porter in France, England, Italy and Germany was part of the job, as was selection of fabrics for import at Fabric fairs in the USA and Germany. 

In 1984 she was invited to take up a position at the Natal Technikon Department of Fashion as a lecturer in Pattern Cutting, and accepted.  From this point she became much more involved, and interested in, the technical side of design.

When deciding to return to full involvement in the industry, she searched for, and found, a position in the technical field of clothing design, and took up a position in a major manufacturer as a Garment and Pattern Engineer, heading and training a team of patterncutters, graders, markermakers, seamstresses and cutters, and working closely with the manufacturing floor to engineer styles for efficient production.

She is now working from home, servicing the industry as a freelance and contract patterncutter.  She works from samples, photographs, fashion drawings, or technical drawings to create her patterns, and also creates specifications, basic block patterns, technical drawings and tech packs for manufacture if required.
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