Pursuit SA Fashion & Textile Directory

Pursuit is the trade journal for the South African Fashion, Business & Lifestyle publication for our fashion, clothing, home décor, textile and allied industries, published annually.

The publication is annual, nationally distributed and posted to our entire data base which includes the key players in the Industry and various tertiary fashion educational colleges and universities. We also link with prominent fashion houses, institutions and their web-sites. Pursuit is well established and respected in the Industry as the only comprehensive directory for Fashion, Apparel and Textiles in South Africa. Pursuit is read and used as a reference guide by Students in Fashion, Educational Institutes, Consultants, Buyers, Designers, Agents, Manufacturers, Retailers, Importers and Exporters, distributors of the textiles/related industries, buyers, marketing departments, designers, décor designers etc.

We sell copies during the year and post regularly on requests, and also distribute the Index at Fashion shows or trade fairs – requested by the trade organizers in goody bags.