Airbrush Make-up

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The spraying of a product onto the skin has several benefits for both the client and the make-up artist, and has become the choice of Hollywood celebrities
and film and TV make-up artists over the past few years. When you couple airbrushing with silicone, the result is flawless. The fine application enhances the skin, giving it a glow, rather than
completely masking the skin. This allows for a stunning, dewy natural finish which can be built up if necessary. Airbrushing a product atomises it, breaking the particles down to tiny beads, invisible to the naked eye. This method gives a fine and smooth application without any brush or sponge marks. It is the tiny particles that make it perfect
for HD TV and Film. I supply airbrush machines, products and training. You can chose between the best quality silicone or water base systems on the market.