Benclo (Bentley Consultants) Clothing Recruitment has 19 active jobs

Job Job Category Location Created Date
ASSISTANT MARKETING MANAGER Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
GRADUATES Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
GARMENT TECHNOLOGIST Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
BRAND MANAGER Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
COORDINATORS Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
SENIOR PLANNER Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
MERCHANDISE MANAGER Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
QUALITY AUDITOR Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
HOMEWARE MERCHANDISER Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
FOOTWEAR PLANNER Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
MERCHANDISERS Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
GRAPHIC ARTIST Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
MERCHANDISER - DURBAN Manufacture - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
SENIOR GARMENT TECHNOLOGIST Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
MARKETING MANAGER Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
Junior Planner Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
Planner Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
4 AREA OPERATIONS MANAGER Retail - 17-June-2011 08:00:00
Benclo (Bentley Consultants) Clothing Recruitment

Benclo (Bentley Consultants) Clothing Recruitment

Benclo is a privately owned recruitment company, established in 1986 and traded as “Bentley
Management Consultants” often referred to in the industry as Bentley Recruitment or
Bentley Consultants. The business has grown and prospered around the premise that
pursuing long term close relationships with clients which is based on mutual respect and
trust. With over twenty years Benclo operated in the fashion recruitment industry. Benclo
is the specialist permanent and interim consultant recruitment provider for clients based
in both in Southern Africa and Internationally.
We identify and service client requirements quickly and efficiently. Working with our
clients we service their entire business staffing requirements including including support
functions. The quantum difference in our approach is our ability to tailor our selection
processes to suit your company's specific requirements and being able to supply staff to
sectors of fashion, footwear, accessories, eyewear, clothing manufacture and textiles.
Covering all positions from buyers, planners, merchandisers, designers, pattern makers,
brand managers, product managers through to managing directors we have a extensive
selection of staff from the industry to meet your requirements.
Benclo is proud to confirm that we are a "Exempt Micro Enterprise" as per the
Department of Trade and Industry's Black Economic Empowerment
Codes.- We are considered as a good BEE contributor and automatically
score between 65%- 75%, which is BEE Recognition Level 4.