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FEDISATM is widely regarded, as South Africa’s premier institution at which to pursue a highly acclaimed career in the world of Fashion, be it as designer, editor, buyer, stylist or any of the other myriad of professional design careers that follow from a superior education at FEDISATM.


FEDISATM (Pty) Ltd was established to cater for the ever growing demand for tertiary level design education, by students wishing to equip themselves with the most subject appropriate skills and knowledge to compete successfully in the international world of design and its many interrelated components. A great deal of emphasis is placed on developing Design Business Management expertise, through the Accredited Higher Education BA: Fashion Design Degree programme offered by FEDISATM.

Mission Statement

To serve as a centre of excellence for tertiary design education by fostering an in-depth and holistic understanding of the principles that underpin the design process in an environment conducive to the optimal personal development of every student.