(because trends generally mean they are here today, gone tomorrow)

A lot of trends have come and gone and sometimes have come right back again and still do not prick in me the inclination to engage with them, exhibit A: VELVET. I make it my business to know what’s in and what’s out because that way I get to be up to par with the latest fashion and style developments for my client’s sake and for open minded-ness but, it is normally a flip and jump over exercise. Personally what I do rather, is sort for minor items particularly accessories if I do not want to experience a minor FOMO and also if I want to be current which is always a personal conscious choice as opposed to forging conforming the current trend. 

The Blues News trend example shown below which we saw around 2015 is a great example for the kind of trend I would have gone for accessories on. Trends are very tricky though because really by the time colors, patterns and whatever else are rendered the season’s trend, we would have already been wearing or engaging with most of those trending elements already. This is why I often suggest (should pretty much adopt this as my personal style mantra) that your way out of becoming a slave to trends is to get to know yourself and what works for you and stick to that. This does not mean rigidity no, but it means that I get to determine what works for me and my body type including character and personality and then build my wardrobe from there progressively.

@TrevorStuurman tweeted “Find yourself and be that”. Whichever context he may have been referring this to matters not because it stands true to personal style as well. Adopt it and practice it, you will see your wardrobe transform and you are going to love it.



#NYFW street style [Photo: Liz Devine]:                                                                                     Crystal Sedona Necklace in Fiery Sapphire Vitrail on Emma Stine Limited:



Deep Blue Sea Feather Earrings  by Mayfly Jewelry: Oval traditional watch in 18K white gold set with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds, 4 brilliant-cut blue sapphires and natural lapis-lazuli dial. “Palace” decoration gold bracelet. Piaget 56P quartz movement. #ExtremelyPiaget:      Lamire Teardrop Earrings in Royal on Emma Stine Limited:


                Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet:

The Indian Cowboy trend as shown below, came together as demin, suede and tussle took center stage. The touch of brown and tussle detail are elements that retained this trend’s originality. This trend ruled the runways and brands’ stores and for some people, their wardrobes just as well.



fuck yeah Fashion Guys | Tumblr with latest trends for cool men and boys: Nuria Nieva in Tribal Chic Fashion for Elle Romania by Jesus Alonso::

                                                                 Google Image Result for                                                

   DIY Fringe Clutch Kit by Rebecca Minkoff:                                        



This is another example of a trend that I nick picked on. I kept the shoes (mostly the court heels) and the bag without the tussle details but definitely the color. When I saw a sling bag with elongated tussles from @Edgars I dared purchased it but with a plan. I simply  cut out the tussle to a length and design that I wanted so that I still get to keep the bag I wanted and needed but without the tussle detail screaming “TREEEEND”!!

As I normally say (It might as well be my blogging signature), be clever about these things.

     Culture Remix --- Nuria Nieva by Jesus Alonso for Elle Romania August 2014 [Editorial]:


A clever way to invest is by using your time to finding key items that are classic. This system works for all types of dress codes it is not exclusive to vintage only. From vintage to urban to corporate and straight to rock ‘n roll with torn fishnets en al, this shopping tip works every time. Not only does it save me money but it also keeps my wardrobe clean and ordered since everything there, is relevant and worn throughout seasons and year after year.


all white suit office outfit:                              Lanvin Black Extra Large Leather Shopper Bag (5.060 BRL) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring bags, handbags, tote bags, genuine leather tote, shopping tote, leather purse, leather tote shopper and black purse:                                          Stella McCartney | Prince of Wales check stretch-wool double-breasted blazer | NET-A-PORTER.COM:             25 Stylish Work Outfit Ideas at least on this one another button closed or harassment #Business Attire #Perfect Work Attire|


Because really, what do you do with your trendy clothes once the trend is gone tomorrow? Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question ;)…



Happy shopping!!!

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