Being above average in any aspect can draw attention to you. We don’t often hear about it but taller people do have their share of problems to deal with (such as low doorways).

But the most irritating one is the lack of adequate clothing in mainstream clothing stores and boutiques. Often having to go out of their way and make an extra effort just to find snug clothing. This sometimes means you have to spend more of your time and money than the average height (or short) person would just to find good clothing. 
For tall people, the clothing struggle is real, but the situation is not hopeless. 
Plus 2 Clothing, a new Australian fashion brand, now specializes in long-tees, hoodies, snapbacks and other accessories just for tall people. The company was launched by a duo while sharing a few lazy afternoon beers. The founders, Josh and Steve, deliberated about how taller folks have such a hard time finding ideal clothing in Australia. A few weeks later, they decided to start a new business that would design custom long tees and other pieces for the skinny but vertically gifted Australian. 
Custom-made tall tees 
Tall t-shirts are intertwined with the Hip Hop culture. They are a more classic style that’s particularly popular with guys above 6ft. There is no limit to how you can rock your long tee, from the classic longline look, all the way to the layered t-shirt fit. 
Plus 2 Clothing has made it quite easier for the average Australian man to find well-fitting long tees. Each piece is custom-designed to your precise measurements and delivered to any town or city within the country.
Made in Australia 
From tall tees to hoodies and snapbacks, Plus 2 Clothing designs all its pieces in Australia. The company has a production centre that promotes the work of emerging Australian designers and strives to create trendy articles of fashion for all you giants out there. Each t-shirt is created with 100% cotton for long-lasting quality that doesn’t shrink after washing. 
Plus 2 Clothing is more of a streetwear outfit than they are a regular clothing boutique. The firm is always testing their creations to make sure that they are street-ready by giving out samples to boxers, skateboarders, snowboarders, athletes and more. This way, they are able to refine and come up with pieces that match the day, whatever your hustle is. 
Buying locally vs importing 
Adapting to the shortage in local shopping stores, some tall people do import their clothing. This often means paying more (taxes included) and waiting for days before the product can get to you. It’s not unusual to receive an item that doesn’t match your specifications when you order from outside the country. Good though, Plus 2 Clothing has bridged the gap and made it super easy for Australians to access their favourite tall people fashion. The company offers fast shipping, affordable prices, and there’s even an instalment-based payment arraignment that allows you to buy your clothing without draining your wallet dry!