Garnier introduces hair care range with blends we trust.

Wholesome hair can be tough to achieve. But with a combination of avocado oil and shea butter, you're bound to see your hair transform, which is what Garnier has included in its haircare range We’ve all known the power of avocado with its high levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin A and how from the African Shea tree you can create butter which is rich and effective. In this range avo and shea butter are blended in an oil hair moisturiser and hair food. 
Garnier Ultimate Blends also has restorative products with honey, coconut and a revitalising line of conditioner and shampoo that blends fives boosting essentials: Eucalyptus, Nettle, Green Tea, Lemon and Verbena. The ingredients are example of how certain foods are also good for our hair. Not leaving anyone out, there’s also a range for coloured hair with argan oil and cranberry. As a whole, this new line attends to dry and damaged hair, hair that is prone to breakage, colour treated hair, dry frizzy hair, right through to normal hair. A winning all-rounder basically. Garnier Ultimate Blends arrived in South Africa earlier this year and is sure to grow for its easy maintenance and treatment products.