A jetsetter`s travel essentials for staying on trend while hopping in and out of airports.

Whether you’re in and out of planes on a regular basis, or are planning to take a well-deserved private jet getaway this summer, the following key items should be on your travel checklist!
Chic but comfy outfits
Whether you’re flying business class or via private jet, you’ll still be inside an aircraft for a couple of hours, so you want to wear something chic, but more importantly, you want to be comfortable. Also consider that the temperatures on a plane will fluctuate, so make sure your outfit is not too light. Layers are great for keeping warm, but be sure to be smart with them.
Easy to wear shoes
Comfortable shoes are non-negotiable for jet-setting. Whether its pumps or sandals, make sure you wear shoes that you will be comfortable in for the duration of your flight. Shoes you can easily slip on and off make all the difference, however fashionistas, just make sure they’re on trend.
A variety of dresses
Dresses are not only easy to pack, but you can dress them up or down, regardless of season Maxi dresses are really comfortable and they flatter all body shapes. You also need to make sure you’ve packed at least one party dress that can turn heads anywhere in the world.
Oversized sunglasses
There’s nothing more glamorous than a perfectly fitting pair of oversized sunglasses. Apart from the fact that they give you a more mysterious, almost movie-star’esque look, they are also perfect for hiding jet-lagged eyes, and add a spark to any travel outfit. Large oval frames compliment most face shapes; just make sure you pick a shape that flatters the shape of your face.
A smart carry-on bag
When deciding on your travel day-bag, look for simplicity and most obviously, style. It’s the one item that you’ll have on you throughout your trip, so pick one you’ll be happy to see in your travel pictures. It must be comfortable to carry, and big enough to hold a few makeup essentials, and even a few other items like your smartphone, tablet or notebook. 
Simple, elegant jewels
No matter the occasion, you can’t leave your jewels at home as they add an additional dimension and sense of glamour to any outfit. It is advisable to avoid wearing your most attention grabbing pieces  while travelling, so store them away securely. While travelling, aim to wear simple, elegant pieces that you can mix and match with most of your outfits.
Make-up basics
What’s a girl without her cosmetics? You don’t have to pack in your entire collection of beauty products into your suitcase, but a few essential items that should include compact powder, lip balm, eyeliner and mascara, will help you stay in picture perfect condition all day. Circulated air aboard the aircraft  can also dry your skin out; to combat that make sure you always have a hand cream or a small bottle of lotion in your bag.
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