Kinky hair can be hard to maintain, but with the growing array of products, it`s become simpler. Founder of Suki Suki hair products chats to us on beginnings while tipping us on how to care for our hair.

Linda Gieskes, the founder of Suki Suki established her business by simply trying to solve a problem, a personal challenge. After growing an afro and struggling to find hair care products, the DRC-born, Belgium and South Africa-raised entrepreneur created a solution.

"I, therefore, decided to concoct my own mixtures using oils, herbs and butters. The results were healthier, more manageable hair and faster hair growth. Friends and family quickly noticed the change in my hair and began to ask me to share my mixtures with them."

Passion then turned into profit when Suki Suki officially launched in 2014 and now has an array of products that care for hair and works well for kids. Available online at, the founder gives us a few tips:

For those with kinky hair, which of your products are great to use after a swim?
I would highly recommend a product that will restore moisture back into your hair, as chlorine, the sun and salt water strips your hair of most of its moisture and makes it dry and brittle. I would therefore recommend using the Miraculous Oil before getting in the water for its restorative properties and the Whipped Shea Creme after a dip in the water for its moisturising and softening properties.
If your hair is very kinky, I would recommend that you wet your hair before going into the water and that you oil it, this is to ensure that since your hair follicles are already wet, they will absorb less of the chlorine/salt water and therefore will not be as dry as if you simply entered the water without taking these precautions. I would also highly recommend wearing your hair in twists and in an undo, this will facilitate the detangling process in the end.

Which products are best after a long sweaty day?
This really depends on your hair after you have sweated. Depending on how often you clean your hair (whether you are washing or co-washing)
If your hair has not be cleaned for a while, I would recommend washing it with a sulphate-free shampoo or clarifying it with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (using 1 part ACV to 3 parts of water) and then using a few drops of the Miraculous Oil in your masque or conditioner. Further, if you intend to do a braidout or twistout, I would recommend using the Intense Mango Butter for nourishing and softening your hair while your plate or twist it.

The best routine to keep hair looking healthy and ready for styling this festive season?
If you are wearing your hair in an afro this festive season, I would recommend:-
•    co-washing your hair at least once a week
•    doing twistouts/braidouts as a styling method, as this will stretch your curl pattern and it will significantly reduce tangles
•    applying your favourite oil at least every 2 days
•    sleeping on a satin pillow or with a satin head scarf
•    drinking a lot of water and staying healthy for optimum hair health and hair growth

If you will be wearing your hair in a protective hair style:
•    you should ensure that you wash your hair at least once a week
•    hydrate by using a product such as the Hydro-Protective Hair Mist in order to allow moisture to properly penetrate the hair shaft whilst your hair is in a protective hair style