These hairstyles will carry you through the festive season and into the new year in style. 

December has finally arrived, and everything holiday-related snaps into focus. Suddenly your mailbox is exploding with party invites and that inevitable question of what to do with your hair comes around. We’ve got you covered with four easy how-tos.

Christmas Shopping: The Inverted French Plait

Images by: Left - Pinterest, Right -

The inverted French plait is an easy, casual look that still maintains elegance, especially when pulled to the side. It’s the perfect do for all your Christmas shopping errands because it keeps hair out of your face and off your neck without losing shape. Here’s how to get the look:

1.    Spray dry shampoo onto hair a day or two after you have washed it. This will give great texture and hold the plait better.
2.    Make a path from the top of your head down on either side of your hairline and brush that forward, these will be the two braids that interlace into the inverted French plait.
3.    Secure a ponytail at the back of your head, making sure to leave out the hair that you just parted.
4.    Start French braiding on one of the sections on either side of you head and leave loose. Repeat on the other side.
5.    Next remove the ponytail and begin the inverted French braid by crossing the left and right sections underneath the middle section, rather than over it. Remember to incorporate the smaller plaits from step 4. This will be the largest braid so spray a little texturizing product to give it more hold. Tie the end of the plait with a hairband.
6.    Pull at random pieces to let some bits look looser. This look shouldn’t be too neat, loosening a few pieces will give it a cool, easy look.

Beach Holiday: The Half Halo

Image by: Pinterest

When we think of the beach we automatically think relaxed wavy hair but this year Valentino is taking beachy waves to a new level. Incorporate a half halo and a half plait to show off your wavy texture without the wind creating the knotty nightmare we all dread.

1.    Wash your hair and leave to air dry. This hairstyle works best if hair is a day old.
2.    Spray hair with a texturizing spray and curl random sections with a large barreled curling iron, however do not curl all of your hair as you just want some added texture. Run your fingers through the curled parts to loosen them.
3.    Next comb hairs backwards with your fingers then separate two pieces just above your ears on each side of your head and begin to twist. Pin the first twist to the back of your head then twist the other side.
4.    Unpin the first twisted piece and wrap around the second twisted piece to create one seamless twist and pin to your head. This creates the halo.
5.    Plait your hair about three quarters of the way down and fasten with a hair band. Lastly pull at the pieces in the plait to loosen the plait.

Christmas Lunch: The Festive Bun

Image by: Sonny Vandevale

Add an elegant touch to your run of the mill ballerina bun by incorporating fresh flowers. This not only adds a bit of drama but gives you that classic vintage inspired feel. Spray the fresh flower with a light-hold hairspray to prevent the flower from falling apart. Alternatively if you don’t want to go down the fresh flower route, you could use a flowery hair clip.  

1.    Comb hair backwards and tie into a ponytail using a clear hairband.
2.    Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins.
3.    Lightly spray hairspray over the hairstyle to keep hair in place.
4.    After lightly spraying your flower with hairspray, cut the stem but keep it long enough to be secured into the hair.
5.    Push the stem into your hair behind the bun and secure with a bobby pin.

New Year’s Eve: The Tiered Ponytail

Image by: Greg Kessler

Give your ponytail a funky makeover for the party season with this tiered version inspired by Valentino’s fall show. Not only will it frame your face beautifully but the added volume (and tons of elastics) will make sure you have a look that no one else is doing. We recommend going for golden elastic bands for the added New Year’s Eve glamour

1.    Create a center parting and comb hair backwards, gathering all of the hair into a sleek low ponytail.
2.    Place an elastic about 4cm down the pony and tie.
3.    Pull the hair between the two elastics bands to create more volume.
4.    Continue steps 2 and 3 until you reach the end of your ponytail.