Your beauty collection deserves a regular update, and when it comes to meeting your budget requirement, look no further than a trusted department store`s in-house cosmetics line.

Beauty experts will tell you that a new hair cut, or a different lip colour, is as a good as a holiday. So, if you can’t get away right now, why not explore a new shade of lipgloss or eye shadow palette courtesy of W Beauty – Woolworths’ in-house cosmetics line? Encompassing all your beauty needs, the range is budget-friendly and on-trend, says Michele Deeves, Buying Manager, Cosmetics: W Beauty. We found out what’s in store and some trending tips for winter.

iFashion (iF): What do you look for when you are updating the content of your make-up bag?
Michele Deeves (MD): I love lips and tips. It’s easy to stay fashion-relevant quite inexpensively by constantly changing your lipstick/lipgloss and nail shades.  

iF: What are winter's key make-up trends?
MD: Winter is all about the berry lip and dark nails.

iF: What do South African women look for when buying cosmetics?
MD: Over the past few years, the South African consumer has become extremely educated about beauty, due to new brands entering the marketplace and the growth of the social media phenomenon, which ensures that a wealth of information is available at our fingertips. The South African consumer wants products that are going to do what they say they will at an affordable price.


iF: What inspired the launch of W Beauty?
MD: W Beauty has been around for almost 30 years. We were the first retailer in South Africa to offer a comprehensive ‘Private Label’ beauty range, which comprises bath and body, skincare, colour cosmetics and fragrances.

iF: From make-up to fragrances, what sets this in-house line apart from other brands?
MD: At Woolworths, we pride ourselves on offering innovation and great quality at an affordable price. But what really sets us apart from the market is that all our products are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and, in keeping with the Good Business Journey principles that govern the rest of the Woolworths business, we have Good Beauty Journey principles that we adhere to.

iF: How often are new products introduced?
MD: We introduce new products as and when trends change. Being a customer-centric business, we ensure that customers are up-to-date and on-trend with regard to their beauty products.  


iF: If you could pick five must-have items for every woman’s make-up bag, what would they be and why?
MD: Lipgloss to keep those lips moisturised and looking sexy; pressed powder as no girl wants to have a shiny nose; hand and nail cream with an SPF as your hands age the fastest; mascara as your eyes are the window to your soul; and lastly a compact mirror as this allows you to touch up virtually anywhere.  

iF: As the buying manager for W Beauty, what does your position entail?
MD: I have an amazing team of young talented buyers working for me who product-develop and build the ranges. I manage the team, and ensure that we have the right product at the right time in the right place. I have a dynamic job and have lots of fun doing it.  

iF: What’s your favourite beauty item for winter?  
MD: WW Love Your Skin Body Butter.

iF: What can we look forward to in terms of beauty additions to the range?  
MD: The re-launch of our skincare range in October is the most exciting addition to note. We have partnered with a world-class supplier to produce a first-class range of skincare products, and we are so excited to be offering our customers a comprehensive, affordable and easy-to-shop range.


iF: How has W Beauty been received in the public/customer domain?
MD: WW Colour re-launched two years ago and continues to grow from strength to strength. It is currently one of the biggest colour brands in South Africa. We recently launched the Fashion Colour at Value range, which our customers love. This is a fashion-forward range with the hottest shades of the season at really affordable prices. This range will be updated per season in order to stay on-trend.  

iF: What did you study to become the buying manager, and how did you reach your current position?
MD: I didn’t study retail. I come from a cosmetics background and have grown my skills through a diverse career path. I have done cosmetics marketing, worked in cosmetics manufacturing and owned a below-the-line advertising agency that specialised in beauty product packaging. I have an enquiring mind and believe that we need to keep learning otherwise we stagnate. It was a natural progression for me to enter the world of retail. My job is both challenging and exciting. I’m living every girl’s dream – I get to play with make-up every single day of my life. Now, what more could I ask for...

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Pictured above: Michele Deeves, Buying Manager, Cosmetic: W Beauty

Photography: Courtesy of Woolworths South Africa