The Kardashians’ beauty path continues with a name change.

Following a lawsuit to the sum of US$10 million, the Kardashian sisters have quickly changed their beauty line’s name. Formerly known as Khroma, it is now Kardashian Beauty.
The sisters’ inaugural beauty offering needed the rebranding following an eight-month trademark dispute with Kroma Makeup. Despite the fact that the sisters had already launched various beauty products under the Khroma label, the rest of the line is currently undergoing re-labelling in order to avoid any further legal action by Florida-based Kroma Makeup, which was founded by Lee Tillett in 2004. When the Kardashian sisters embarked on their make-up line they chose the name Khroma. Following stealing accusations, Tillett filed a lawsuit. 

Pictured above: Distribution of Khroma Beauty kicked off last year, but all new shipments will now be rebranded as Kardashian Beauty

Audrey Collins, the presiding judge, said that Tillett proved that she would in all probabilities lose her business due to the almost-identical brand name chosen by the Kardashian sisters. Boldface Group Inc, the company behind the Kardashians sisters’ beauty line, failed to appeal the ruling, and in March was forced to stop any further distribution. But no real harm done; the sisters are hard at work promoting their newly-branded Kardashian Beauty make-up line on social networking sites already. “That’s right, we want to give you products that are true to who we are and that’s why we are giving our make-up products our Kardashian name,” writes Khloe Kardashian Odom in her blog. “You still get our amazing quality products and a fab design, but now you can share our Kardashian name too! Make sure you follow Kardashian Beauty on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! XOXO”

Pictured above: With a new name, the Kardashian sisters are already promoting their make-up line