One of the great commerical success stories is that of YDE. In 1994 Paul Simon, realising that there was a market share to be had, opened Young Designers Emporium or YDE as it became known. With a start of one store and ten designers, Paul built up a mini empire of over 10 stores nationwide and a yearly turnover of R120 million. In 2003 Truworths purchased 75% of YDE allowing for an inhouse credit facility to be developed. Earlier this year Truworths increased it's interest to 100%.

We spoke to Annick Folland, who manages the new designer applications.

How does a young designer go about getting a rail at YDE?
Interested designers can apply online at They will be sent an application form to complete along with certain other requirements which need to be fulfilled (picuress of samples, etc.). Should space become available and their range is highly fashionable, yet commercially viable, they will be considered.

What are the selection criteria?
Designers need to fit certain criteria before their merchandise would be considered to be sold through YDE stores. Criteria such as design (commerically viable), quality, originality, style and general background would all need to be considered.

Are there any fees?
YDE charges potential designers a monthly commission and display fee.

How is pricing calculated? What is the business model?
Designers set their own pricing and merchandise is supplied to YDE on a consignment stock basis only.

How often do the designers have to update their stock?
Designers need to monitor their stock constantly. Some designers replenish their stock weekly or more than once a week.

Is promotion of ranges included in the deal e.g. print media and fashion shows?
No. Designers would be contacted directly by the media or exhibitors and would choose to participate in print media and fashion shows themselves (obviously mentioning that their merchandise is available through YDE outlets)

How many designers are currently signed up at YDE?
In excess of 80 designers [this includes clothing, footwear, accessory and jewellery designers].


If you are interested in selling your clothes and/or accessoris at YDE, please contact Annick at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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